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Elle India August 2007

"As a trained Bharata Natyam dancer growing up in North Carolina, Swati Argade never imagined being an advocate for cooperative silks and organic cottons. But now, four years into her purely-by-accident profession of designing eco-chic wear, she's creating collections for FabIndia and selling her own line to specialty stores across the United States and Europe.

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Audrey - August / September 2006

Battlestar Galactica star Grace Park graces the pages of Audrey magazine in pieces from Swati Argade's Novella collection.

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Mood Indigo - July / August 2006

"Brooklyn-based clothing designer Swati Argade had a circuitous route to fashion design...She quickly became a fixture in the downtown arts scene after her arrival in New York in 1997, but not for her clothes, at least not at first. A diverse background has served as the informal fashion training for Argade...Numerous annual summer vacations spent in India, the study of art history and a professional dance career have all found a voice within her design...

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iStyle - Spring / Summer 2006

"Indian-American clothing designer and entrepreneur Swati Argade's mission is to create inspired and distinctive clothing that enhances the beauty of women, and to nurture and support the people who make them.

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Elle – Elle Fashion Reporter – Green Issue – May 2006

"My clothes are made with their history in mind," says New York designer Swati Argade, whose eponymous line launched in 2004. Argade, a dancer who got her start making costumes for the stage, uses ethically produced hand-woven fabrics from her family's native India for her line of colorful yet fuss-free dresses, trenches, and skirts."

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Elle.com Designer Spotlight - January 2006

Elle.com's feature of Swati's Spring 2006 line.

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Little India - November 2005

"One of the things about Indian fashion which is a real blessing is just the diversity of styles and traditions that come out of India. The choices of fabrics and enbroideries are just endless, not to mention of cuts and silhouettes...

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Greensboro News and Record - October 2005

Swati's hometown paper writes a feature on her journey as a designer.

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Rave SQ - July 2005

"Meet Swati Argade, a classically-trained dancer who has a very different vision of design...

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Deccan Chronicle - April 2005

The district newspaper of the village where Swati sourced hand-woven cotton for her Spring 2005 collection publicizes the fashion partnership between contemporary Western design and ancient textile traditions.