love or...


In love or... a chance encounter sends two advertising creatives on a path to love... unless loyalty to their respective, competing agencies gets in the way. What will it be, love or... ?

We conceived of this very special film, as a part of the promotional efforts for the Spring/Summer collection of summer dresses Ticket to Ikkat. We wanted it to be a very positive feeling love story, but every great love story we researched for reference ended up in death and disaster - because you prove how great a love is by how much the lovers are willing to give up in the name of that love. So how to tell a modern love story with a positive ending and still demonstrate the stakes? "Occupational suicide."

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Film Credits

Produced by Swati Argade & Alec Pollak
Directed by Thomas Concordia
Dresses by Swati Argade
Original Screenplay by Alec Pollak
Music by Michael T. Floyd
Opening Titles by Alana Cowan & Paul De Laubier
Editing by Ron Hummer

Cast (in order of appearance)

  • Julie - Jackie Moore
  • Roman - Django Palty
  • Socialite Hailing Taxi - Courtney Perkins
  • Montana Boss - Paul De Laubier
  • Catapult Boss - Swati Argade
  • Bartender - Charlotta Janssen

Hair & Make-Up Courtney Perkins
Production Assistant Natalie Guevara
Production Assistant Vesal Yazdi
Script Consultants Swati Argade & Kristopher Keeley

Special Thanks

Filmed on Location in New York City

Copyright "Swati Argade, Thomas Concordia, Alec Pollak"


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